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Embracing God’s Promises: How to Prepare to Receive Them?

Are You Prepared to Receive and Handle the promises God planted in your heart ?

Imagine God appears before you, saying, “I’m here to deliver my promises to you.” What would your reaction be? Would you feel ready or prepared to embrace God’s promises.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the notion that when God makes promises, they often exceed our current capacity because He desires us to rely on Him, not solely on our own abilities. It is through His strength that we can navigate and fulfill His promises.

The Nature of God’s Promises: Bigger Than Our Capacity

God’s promises are amazing in that they tend to surpass our current abilities. Why does God do this? It’s not to overwhelm you but to teach you dependence on Him. When God makes a promise, it’s a testament to His faithfulness and an invitation for you to trust in His provision.

My Journey: From California to Texas

Reflecting on my own life, I remember five years ago when God moved my husband and me from California to Texas. His promise was of a better future for our relationship, family, and careers. At that time, I couldn’t have anticipated the incredible and sometimes challenging journey that awaited us.

The Unexpected Transformations

Five years down the road, I find myself healed, transformed, closer to God, experiencing an amazing marriage, parenting 2 incredible children, owning a thriving business, working as a coach, publishing two books, and teaching and inspiring others to center their lives around God and experience the Abundant life Jesus Christ came to give us. These transformations are a testament to what can happen when we allow God to take the lead in your life.

Trusting God’s Guidance and Taking Action

Throughout history, the people whom God used weren’t necessarily the most qualified or the strongest. Instead, they were the ones who displayed unshakable faith, obedience to God’s direction, and a willingness to take action even when they didn’t feel like it. When you decide to step out in faith, God will equip you for the journey, and from my experience, I can say that it will often happen in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

Surrendering to God’s Promises

In conclusion, God’s promises are unlimited and often beyond our current capacity. However, this isn’t a cause for fear but an opportunity for faith. If you find yourself facing a promise from God that seems too big, remember that it’s His strength that will carry you through. Just as my journey from California to Texas transformed my life beyond expectations, embracing God’s promises can lead to incredible transformations in your own life. So, when God says, “I’m here to deliver my promises to you,” be prepared to receive them with open arms, trusting in His unwavering love and guidance.

Imagine life as a blank canvas, and God as the artist. His promises are the vibrant paints that He uses to create a masterpiece of your future. Embrace these promises, for they can paint a future that exceeds your wildest dreams.

If you’re ready to explore this journey of faith further and learn more about embracing God’s promises, I invite you to dive into my book, “The Joy of Becoming: It’s Not How You Get There. It’s How You Grow There.” In its pages, you’ll find deeper insights and inspiration to guide you on your path of faith. Click here to get your copy now.


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