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From Reflection to Resolution: Gratitude in 2023 & Beyond

Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it” – Habakkuk 2:2

As I turn the pages of the Book of Life for the year 2023, each chapter reveals a vivid story of joy and gratitude. Join me in a reflection on the abundance of accomplishments, celebrations, and growth experienced in my personal life, family, business, and faith community.

Amidst these pages, I find not just a recounting of events but a testament to the power of vision and intentional planning. It was the clear vision I had and the strategic plan I crafted that allowed me to navigate through the journey of 2023. I share this journey with you, not to boast, but in the hope that my story becomes a beacon, inspiring you to take the time to dream, write down those aspirations, and create a plan for an amazing 2024.

Remembering the Challenges

Inside the pages of this living book are the challenges. Moments of questioning, fear of the unknown, and the inevitable hurdles of parenting. Proudly, these were moments when I leaned on my faith, asking God for strength, anchoring myself in my “Why.”

Painting  the Picture of 2023

The journey of 2023 was filled with family joys – two unforgettable vacations, my parents visiting from Brazil, countless soccer games, weekly dates with my love, and cherished family fun nights. These moments, like precious gems, have enriched the pages of our shared experiences.

Professional Triumphs:

In the professional realm, the year unfolded as a chapter of achievements and growth. I branded myself authentically, published two bestselling books, and launched my website and blog as a hub for inspiration and connection.

Empowering Christian Entrepreneurs:

The heartbeat of my year resonates in the ten cities I visited, sharing my story and empowering Christian entrepreneurs. I spoke at five women’s events, participated in insightful podcast interviews, and dedicated over 500 hours to one-on-one coaching.

Service to the Faith Community:

Integral to the fabric of this transformative year was my service within the church community. I joyfully invested time in the kids’ church, led a Freedom group, and guided couples through the premarital class.

Physical and Spiritual Renewal:

I carved out time for personal renewal. A partnership with a health coach became a transformative journey, resulting in newfound strength and the cultivation of healthier eating habits. In a testament to personal discipline, a full year was marked without the presence of alcohol – a celebration of both physical and spiritual wellness.

As I wrap up my journey through the milestones and challenges of 2023, I invite you to embark on a reflective pause. It’s time to consider your own path, celebrate your victories, and acknowledge the growth that unfolded in the intricacies of your life. Now, let’s dive into some concise yet profound questions designed to guide your reflections across different areas of your life this year. Grab a journal or find a quiet moment to uncover the lessons and blessings ingrained into your story in 2023.

Reflective Questions

   Personal Life:

  1. What moments with loved ones brought you the most happiness?
  2. 2. How did challenges in your personal life contribute to your growth?
  3. What self-care practices brought you peace and joy?

   Professional Achievements:

  1. Highlight a significant professional achievement and its alignment with your goals.
  2. How did you invest in your professional growth and acquire new skills?
  3. Share a meaningful professional relationship and how it contributed to your journey.

   Financial Success:

  1. Did you achieve your financial goals? How did it impact your overall well-being?
  2. What budgeting and savings strategies were effective for you?
  3. How did you plan for future financial security?


  1. How did your contributions make a positive impact on your community or a cause?
  2. Recall a standout moment from volunteer work or service projects.
  3. What acts of kindness brought you a sense of fulfillment?


  1. Reflect on special moments with your children that brought fulfillment.
  2. How did you grow as a mother through navigating parenting challenges?
  3. Share an activity or tradition that strengthened your bond with your children.


  1. Actions taken to strengthen family bonds – what worked?
  2. How did you nurture friendships, and what meaningful connections were established?
  3. Improvements or intentional efforts in communication within relationships?

   Physical Well-being:

  1. Key health habits that positively impacted your overall well-being.
  2. Milestones or achievements in your fitness journey.
  3. Practices for maintaining positive mental well-being.

   Spiritual Growth:

  1. How did your disciplines contribute to your growth in closeness to God?
  2. How did you integrate gratitude and reflection into your routine?
  3. Contribution to your faith community – how did it enhance your spiritual well-being?

As I finalize the book of 2023, reflecting on triumphs and challenges, I’m eager to craft the pages of my 2024 journey. Every success was scripted with a clear vision and meticulous planning. Now, I invite you to dream, document, and create your plan for an extraordinary 2024. May our stories intertwine, inspiring you to embark on a year abundant in joy, growth, and purpose.

Cheers to closing this chapter and embracing the unwritten pages of the upcoming year! 

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